At the onset of the globalized era, the arena of architecture and realty has witnessed constantly changing definitions giving rise to myriad design possibilities. Rodium is an eternally dynamic origin present in this unique and evoloving genre of design.

Since its inception in the year 2005, the forerunners of this futuristic movement MR. Deepak Chheda, Mr. Mehul Nisar, Mr. Rohit Dedhia and Mr. Harish Nisar have continuously envisioned innovative design concepts.

Living up to our motto “Perspective  to Perfection” we have worked towards paving a revolutionary path for “Glocal” architecture which constitutes design solutions developed by keen understanding of the local necessities and delivering according to global  parameters. Implementing the conventional principles of design innovatively, we have metamorphosed mundane structures to unconventional masterpieces.

In our Endeavour to achieve unparalleled excellence, we have attained adaptability towards change that helps us understand the intricacies leading to perfection. We have taken minute steps of conviction resulting in the creation of significant landmarks of growth in Architecture, Realty and Design.

With a foresight for the future, we will be launching major commercial, residential and multi-purpose symbols of  distinction where the X-factor is present in form and function.
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