A gush of cool breeze seeping through the lungs and the soothe view of blue water is the dream of each soul. . . . Such is the serene aroma of the projects at Rodium!

With an inspiration to usher in a green building movement, it facilitates India in emerging as one of the world leaders for green buildings in 20th century. The green building use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

Users experience tangible benefits of energy savings: 20 - 30 %, water savings: 30 - 50% and intangible benefits of enhanced air quality, excellent day lighting, health & wellbeing of the occupants, conservation of scarce national resources, enhance marketability for the project.

The buildings are based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strike a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. This work pattern is designed to be comprehensive in scope, yet simple in operation.

They are studded with enlisted sustainable contents :

  • Site Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Innovation and Design Process