Subsidiary Company

Rodium Housing LLP

Rodium Housing Pvt Ltd. has been converted into Rodium Housing LLP w.e.f April 16, 2019, a wholly- owned subsidiary LLP of the company engaged in the business of construction and redevelopment for providing affordable housing.

Financial Results

Rodium Digital Inc

Rodium Digital, Inc. (also referred to as “Rodium Digital”) is the wholly-owned US subsidiary of Rodium Realty, Ltd. and is launched to expand its services to Digital Advertising for small-medium-sized businesses across the US. Founded in 2022, Rodium Digital is based in Los Angeles, California for its US operations. The Company provides comprehensive and powerful digital advertising services ranging from Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogs and Content Marketing, Newsletter and E-mail Marketing and more for small-to- medium-sized businesses in the US that do not have a large online presence.